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Navarasa Narthana Ganapathy performance thanks to GAP Award

Do not miss Navarasa Narthana Ganapathy (NNG) at Ananda Mela presented by from within Nucleus on Saturday, July 27th at 1:30pm. This production depicts Lord Ganesha’s  (The elephant god) different avatars and grand character.

At Anandamela we will be showing few episodes of NNG. The audience will see the characteristics of Lord Ganesha as loving, magnanimous, just, powerful and mighty. The show will come together using the medium of storytelling and dance technique of Bharatanatyam. From Within Nucleus performance of NNG at Anandamela is made possible by 4Culture’s GAP Award.

 Bharatanatyam is an ancient dance form of Southern India which is handed over from reputed Gurus to their pupil. This production is choreographed with love and care by the artistic director Guru. M.Subhashini Vijay Santhanam.

Anadamela – joyous festival of India is organized by Vedic Cultural Center, Sammamish, Wash. This year this two day festival will be on July 27 and July 28 at Redmond City Hall, Wash.

Veera Rasa: The Story of Vakradhundar

After the death of his father by Lord Shiva and Lord Vishnu, Bhasmasuran’s son performs tapasya to Lord Shiva and attained the boon that he will never die and all the devas would be under his control. Then total chaos occurred. All the Devas including Brahma and Vishnu ran from their abodes to hide from this demon. They prayed to Lord Shiva for help, and their prayers were answered as an avatar of Lord Ganehsa with five faces and ten hands emerged from the face of Uma Devi. She gives him her Simha Vahanam, or lion carrier. He then goes to war with this evil demon. What happens during this war and what is the outcome? Does Ganesha defeat the son of Bhasmasuran? What is the plight of Bhasmasuran’s son in the end? Will goodness prevail and turn him from evil to good? What will happen next in this turn of events? Come to Navarasa Narthana Ganapathy on May 5th at Meydenbauer Center Theatre to find out!

Written by Geetika Mukkamala

Do your kids know the humorous tale of how Lord Ganesha got his vehicle?

NNG portrays each of the nine rasas or moods of Lord Ganesha, featuring the students of From Within Dance Academy. Each dance with English narration will depict a lesser known Ganesha story which will evoke each one of these nine rasas or moods.

Hasya Rasa depicts the story of how Lord Ganesha gets his vehicle. The cute story behind this rasa goes as follows. Lord Ganesha’s favorite pastime was to eat all the laddoos in the house. One day he got bored, and was wondering what to do. He saw his brother, Lord Kartikeya, with his ride, the peacock. Kartikeya always traveled around, carrying messages from Shiva to the other devas. Ganesha jealous, went to his parents pouting for a vahana(vehicle). Although they told him that he was too young, he was too stubborn to listen. Shiva thought for a long time about his young son’s request. What vahana does Ganesha receive from his father? Or does he even receive one? What happens next? Come to Navarasa Narthana Ganapathy on May 5th at Meydenbauer Center Theatre to find out!
Written by Geetika Mukkamala